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Update your family photo album and help your school today!  

Families get the opportunity to receive a beautiful photo for just $20! Your $20 payment goes directly to your school as valuable funds which will go towards whatever is needed most. A 15mins photo allocation is included with multiple photography backdrop set ups to choose from, you will then receive a 8x10 print as well as 2x wallet sized prints for your contribution. 

Packages, Prints and Cavasses will also be available, obligation free, if you wish to purchase any additional photos from your session. Ensure you bring along your wallet as payments are due on the day.

Upcoming Schools and dates

- Howard State School - Howard QLD - Saturday 1st April & Sunday 2nd April 2023

What are the benefits of school fundraising family sessions?

-Help your school achieve their fundraising goal!

- Value for money! I specialize in natural photography with no fancy tricks or photo manipulation therefore my packages are affordable for all budgets.

- Convenient! I come to your local school on a weekend as I know week days can get quite busy.

- Update your family photo album, it's usually the first thing that get's put in the "We'll get around to that" basket.

Not sure what to expect on the day?

No expectations other than turning up, being yourself and having fun! Let your families creative sprit shine! Be creative with matching family attire, aim for base colors or simply go for a traditional look with Demin and white! Totally up to you, these will be your treasured memories for a life time!

- Please avoid any large brand logos on shirts and shorts.

- Special requests? Sure, feel free to send me a message or ask me on the day.


A further date will be confirmed for you to collect your order from your school. Keep an eye on this page and your children's school bags for dates. 

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